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Join us today for a virtual learning adventure – it’s time for #RAISE Roadmap Day 2022!

Ready to squeeze one last road trip in before summer comes to a close? Then pack your bags and join us for our #RAISE Roadmap Day virtual event! It’s today, August 24 at 1 p.m. EST – and you can sign up right now!

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Bringing on a new software? Change can be a challenge, but follow these steps to keep it simple!

Does the thought of change or adding yet another tool to your arsenal make you want to run for cover?  We get that.  Being fully remote for 16 years, Fundriver has used our fair share of tools.  But don’t forget, we help clients get up and running with our products in just a few weeks.  Want to know how we do it? 

No smoke and mirrors here! 

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As you've heard, many of us here at Fundriver have worked in business and development offices for years.  We've been in your shoes and know you wear multiple hats on any given day.  Do you need to save time?  Are you still using spreadsheets?  Maybe you're up and running in Fundriver Balance but are still entering your activity manually?  Wherever you find yourself in the endowment equation, we can help!

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