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Bringing on a new software? Change can be a challenge, but follow these steps to keep it simple!

Does the thought of change or adding yet another tool to your arsenal make you want to run for cover?  We get that.  Being fully remote for 16 years, Fundriver has used our fair share of tools.  But don’t forget, we help clients get up and running with our products in just a few weeks.  Want to know how we do it? 

No smoke and mirrors here! 

1. Talk about it – A LOT!

Make sure EVERYONE is on the same page from moment numero uno. Be clear about why and how this new tool is going to make a difference in the most positive way. Positivity is contagious!  Highlight those benefits for every team member who will be using the new tool.

2. Know your audience

Remember that we all learn differently. Make sure your plan includes elements that will help everyone keep moving in the same direction. If possible, break your team into like-minded groups so they can help each other through the learning process.

3. Start from scratch

Yes, you heard us!  This is the right time to recreate the wheel!  Don’t start setting up processes based on your old tool, take this as an opportunity to NOT do things the same way you’ve always done them.  Remember those benefits you highlighted back at step 1?  Refresh yourself with those here and save your team as many clicks as possible.

4. Recruit cheerleaders (early adopters)

Keep the positive momentum flowing!  Recruit members of your team who are EXCITED about this transition.  Those team members will be sharing excitement as you move along in your onboarding process.  You can also lean on these key team members as the transition to new processes take place.

5. Get back to talking about it more

Ok so it’s out there – what’s next?  KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT!  Keep an eye out for your late adopters, make sure they’re getting what they need from the onboarding process.  Continue to communicate about moving away from the old tool(s) and keep highlighting those benefits from steps 1 and 3.  Encourage the group to do the same -- collaborating on new ideas and features will maximize your return on this new software!

There you have it.  Our tips for making sure you’re up and running with confidence in as little time as possible (with a smile).  LinkedIn has some other great tips, check out this article if you’re looking for more!