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Impact provides an interface that allows users to easily pull endowment financial data from your institution's existing Fundriver Balance database and combine it with your constituent information from a donor management system into an integrated platform. In addition, awardee can be uploaded and connected to related donors and funds. Each institution's donor report package will be configured with their own branding, fonts, and of course their data, photos, and narratives!

Yes. A key component of Impact is the automated flow of Balance fund financial information into the Impact software, which feeds the stewardship reports that the system produces.

Yes, Fundriver Impact works well on most commonly-used web browsers.

We did our research! Check out our in depth answers to that question here.

As of September 2021, we have 2 versions of the stewardship report template available, but more are being planned for development. Templates are developed based on industry best practices and client feedback, so please reach out and tell us what you are looking for!

An unlimited number of users can be set up with access and there are three standard user types to choose from offering a variety of access levels.

Security is a top priority at Fundriver. Our application and client data is hosted at an SSAE18-audited facility that is monitored 24/7. Fundriver is audited yearly for SOC 1 compliance. The report is available to clients as needed. All Fundriver sessions are encrypted over TLS connections. Each client’s data is maintained in its own database. Physical security, multi-factor authentication and regular monitoring of logins and activity on the site are some of the strategies used to ensure a secure environment. Fundriver offers far more security than the spreadsheets currently used for tracking endowment data used by many institutions.

Early phases of this product will only be available to clients who use Raiser's Edge NXT; a flat file import option will be available in 2022!

Not yet. Due to the complex nature of the data our platforms process, mobile devices haven't been a typical access point for our clients in the past. However, due to an increasingly remote workforce, we recognize that this may be changing. Let us know if mobile access is something you would like by submitting a request here.