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Benefits of using Fundriver Balance

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A Better Way to Work Together
Improve collaboration with seamless workflows and enhance partnerships across departments.
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Reporting Made Easy
Take control of your reporting with automated ease and make audit season a breeze.
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On-Demand Access
Ensure donor compliance and accurate fund management with access to timely data when you need it.
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Everything in One Place
Access all the financial data you need, all in one simple web-based platform.

It's called Balance for a reason.

Equal parts speed, accuracy and unprecedented control, Balance will fundamentally transform the way your team manages endowment and other restricted funds. Our team of experts will provide a seamless experience, making sure you have what you need to get your job done, every step of the way.

It's simple.

Automated Accuracy

Set up multiple spending rules, assign funds, and let Balance do the work. Distribute based on donor specifications and your spending policy, even transfer into expendable funds automatically. Our reports help you proof out your calculation to the penny.

Save Time & Stress

Post investment allocations to your funds seamlessly at the pool or manager level and be ready to run your reports in minutes. Time and sanity saved, and no more messy spreadsheet calculations.

All in Just a Few Clicks

Ditch spreadsheet manipulation with our reporting suite! Estimate your spending, confirm fund balances, and get prepped for audit, all with a few clicks. Export into Word, PDF, or excel for easy delivery or additional manipulation, or publish your reports to our Department Module so your internal stakeholders can run them at their convenience.

We are excited to announce that Fundriver has joined the EverTrue family!

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Ready to transform the way your finance team works? Connect with Aaron to learn more about Balance.

Aaron Dotson
Sales Engineer

(513) 618-8718 Ext. 1004

Our unitization process is considerable faster and more efficient. The Fundriver reports are used widely across campus thereby increasing endowment communication and transparency. It has proven to be an excellent tool for our University in so many ways.

– Caroline Wilhelm, Treasurer, Loyola Marymount University