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Ready to squeeze one last road trip in before summer comes to a close? Then pack your bags and join us for our #RAISE Roadmap Day virtual event! It’s today, August 24 at 1 p.m. EST – and you can sign up right now!

What is the #RAISE Roadmap Day event, you ask? Well, it’s a chance for you to hear from some true advancement and fundraising visionaries who are ready to take you on an intellectually invigorating tour through forests of fresh new ideas, mountain ranges of momentous innovation and skylines of scintillating notions.  

When you join us for today’s event, you’ll hear exciting new ideas on subjects such as how best to engage donors, how to identify new and overlooked prospects, how to grown your entire donor pipeline and more.

True to the road trip experience, you’ll meet some new people – hearing stories from donors who fell through the cracks, sitting in on fireside chats with advancement greats, snagging tips and best practices from successful fundraising teams, getting wisdom for donor experience officers who have managed portfolios of 1,000 donors and gleaning best kept secrets from top fundraisers.

The #RAISE Roadmap Day virtual event is the brainchild of our EverTrue colleagues. As you’ve probably heard, Fundriver recently became part of the EverTrue family and we’re working together to provide advancement professionals with the tools they need to find incredible fundraising success.

So, gather your advancement colleagues together, gather round the campfire (okay, laptops), and get those marshmallows toasting – it’s time for a road trip like no other!  Can't wait to see you there :)