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We have a new topic to share! Shifting gears from the business office/endowment accounting side of the house, we want to talk about donor relations and the importance of showing donors the impact of their gifts through reporting.


When advancement offices conduct donor surveys, the number one piece of feedback donors provide again and again is “show me the impact of my gift!”.  Impact reports to donors can set an organization apart from others and be a major influence in donor retention and receiving future gifts.  By following these tips, you can be on your way to creating impact reports that donors will notice:

  • A well organized and designed report is key – it doesn’t need to be elaborate or lengthy, but it should have clear and concise content that won’t lose a donor’s interest.
  • Express gratitude – donors want to know how they are making a difference. Show your appreciation through powerful photos, thank you notes from recipients of their gift, or stories about how they made a difference at your organization.
  • Personalization matters – while there is a place in your donor relations plan for periodic general updates to donors (think newsletters, email updates), it’s the personalized reports that influence donors to continue to give, and often more generously if they understand the impact they have made to the organization.
  • Report out in a timely manner – there is nothing worse than wanting to solicit a donor only to realize that they haven’t received meaningful stewardship from your organization since the last gift. Donors should receive a personalized report from you at least once a year.  If this sounds daunting, think about segmenting your donors into groups and staggering reporting throughout the year.


Do you love the idea of creating personalized impact reports for donors but currently don’t have the time or resources available to create a streamlined process for your office?  Fundriver Impact may be your solution!  We invite you to share this article with your advancement team and schedule a demo today!