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Our newest product, Fundriver Impact, launches at the end of the month and we couldn’t be any more excited to share it with you!

Why does your team need Impact?  We’re glad you asked!  Impact was created for development professionals.  Working with your Fundriver endowment data and donor management system, Impact creates professional, comprehensive, and personalized endowment reports that will wow your donors in an easy, efficient way.

Over the past year we worked with many development offices across the country.  What we learned from these conversations is that the traditional way of creating donor reports is both time-consuming and labor intensive for all involved.  Fundriver took that feedback and created a product that improves upon the donor reporting experience in multiple ways:

Donor report data all in one place – Constituent records, fund information, awardee data, report templates – all housed in one database for easy access to generate reports.

Accurate reports – No more cutting and pasting financial and donor data into your donor reports, leaving room for errors. Financials pull directly from your Fundriver endowment database and donor information pulls directly from your donor database.  You can feel confident in the integrity of your data (finally!).

Access to the information you need in a timely manner – No need to wait for the accounting department to provide the most recent financials, or for your database administrator to pull donor information for you. That information is pulled into Impact on a nightly basis, automatically.  Get access to that information when you need it, quickly, and create your donor reports with ease.

Easy personalization – Fundraisers consistently get feedback that donors want to know how they are making a difference. Fundriver Impact allows you to do this through customizable templates, providing your donors personalized reports on how their gift is making an impact at your organization.

Would you like to hear more about how Fundriver Impact can take your donor reporting to the next level?  We invite you to schedule a demo today!