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At Fundriver, everything we do is designed to help our non-profit clients steward their funds accurately and efficiently.  Our creative software solutions bridge finance and fundraising seamlessly. 

So, how do we do it?  

We have a few tricks up our sleeves! 

Many of us on the Fundriver Team have worked in business and development offices in our previous lives.  This gives us firsthand experience with the struggles our clients face every day.  With that, Fundriver has adopted the Jobs to be Done theory.  This mentality allows us to start with the problem and design the perfect solution.  

In recent years, Fundriver has also adopted Data-Driven Decision-Making which take the guess work out of developing solutions and enhancements in our products.  Like I said, many of us have firsthand experience working in business and development offices, and feel like we have a pretty good understanding of what our client needs are.  But, we didn't get where we are today relying on hunches.  Fundriver takes the time to make sure our clients get solutions they actually need, not what we think they need.  

How did we get here?  

None of this would be possible without the voice of our clients.  Fundriver is all about transparency, inside and out.  To make this work, we truly value what our clients have to say.  After all, it is our job to make your job easier :)

Why does this matter?

Because with your help, Fundriver is building a better Balance. Our goal is to make Balance even better by giving you a streamlined experience while maintaining the functionality you count on. We are hosting monthly webinars to show you what we are working on and get your valuable input. The next Balance Feedback Session is Thursday, February 17th, and we would love for you to join us! The team will be following up on some of your security questions from the January session, as well as sharing the new menu design layout. Michelle and Vicky will be doing a deep dive into the Fundriver Balance navigation menu; what we are starting with, how we got to the new layout, and most importantly, how your feedback can help!

Have I mentioned how much we love hearing from our clients? Reach out to us anytime at