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Are you one of our clients with A LOT of funds to manage?  1 in 5 of our clients has over 1,000 funds!!  These clients are adding more than just a handful of funds to their Fundriver Balance database every month.  Let the Bulk Import do the work for you!  We know our clients are pros at working with Excel; with Bulk Import you can populate your data (hello, copy + paste) in the template and import all your new funds at once.  Entering all those funds manually every month can take hours. Save yourself time and reduce errors with the Bulk Import!

Maybe you are one of our clients that needs to do a little cleanup. Are you just plain tired of seeing abbreviations or ALL CAPs on your reports, but the idea of clicking every single fund is just daunting?  Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! The Bulk Import template (who doesn’t love Excel?!) allows you to compile all of your edits and updates with just ONE CLICK!  You’ll be able to bounce ideas off a team member or collaborate with ease.

Or maybe you are one of our clients who are afraid to break your Fundriver Balance database (spoiler alert, we promise you won’t break it). You want to use the Bulk Import!  With our pre-import file, it’s never been easier to undo. 

Oh Bulk Import, let us count the ways you make our lives easier…these are just a few!  If you missed the webinar with Jenn and Becky last week, catch the recording here.  Jenn shared all of her time-saving Bulk Import hacks and some sneak peeks to updates coming your way!  Still need help?  Our Support team is always here for you (and we love hearing from our clients); reach us here or by email at