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Jenn Barker

Director, Client Experience
Jenn Barker

Jenn joined Fundriver in 2015. As Fundriver has grown and evolved, her role transitioned as well.  Taking on her current role as Director of Client Experience in May 2022, Jenn oversees both the Balance and Impact teams, ensuring that the highest level of client support is continuously maintained.

Jenn earned her bachelors degree in accounting in Virginia. She serendipitously launched her career in endowment accounting while providing leave coverage for a colleague while working in a different role. She then transitioned to full-time and assisted in the company’s own implementation of Fundriver.

I love the trust that Fundriver puts in their employees. There is no micromanagement - no checking to make sure their employees are sitting there working. They trust that the employees will uphold Fundriver’s values of the best customer service and transparency, which is what truly makes it the best place to work.

Jenn lives in Maine with her husband and son. Living in Maine, she ironically hates the cold and doesn’t enjoy winter activities. A Disney-lover, her perfect vacation is on a Disney cruise, sailing around the Caribbean, focused solely on uninterrupted family time.