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Fundriver is a different kind of organization. We’re a group of real, authentic people who are here to support you. It’s probably going to sound cliché (oh, how 2021) but we meet each client, prospect, and team member where they are. 

Recently, I had to shop for a few new software tools (read tips for bringing on a new software) and the first thing I wanted to know was, how could I get help when I need it? Because few things are more frustrating than working on a project and having it come to a screeching halt as you wait days for support – if you ever hear back from them at all. That is not how we roll. 

First things first, our whole team supports you. We’re all united in one common goal: to make things as easy and effective for our clients as possible.

We know how important that is because many of us have been in your shoes. We totally get what your workflow is like and that you wear many, many hats. Most of our team members have worked in the nonprofit space and understand the pressures of audit season, donors calling looking for info, not to mention students and parents with questions. Every day you’re helping your constituents – our job is to be here for YOU.

Like I said earlier, that means we’re ready to meet you where you are in your work experience. Have you been doing endowment accounting for 30 years? Awesome! I bet you love using Balance. Are you totally new to endowments? Also awesome! Let us show you the ropes. 

Or how about this one? You’re working from home, your computer is giving you a run for your money, and your kids need help with something … sound at all familiar? YES, we have been there. (Who are we kidding? We are still there.) No big deal, we do our best to accommodate your schedule, and if you need to hop off to help your kids (dog, parents, siblings, neighbors, delivery person, repair person…), we totally understand.

With that, I want to leave you with these last, final thoughts. Our last blog post addressed Mental Health Awareness month. Recent events in the U.S. and across the globe have many of us feeling vulnerable and down. I want to reiterate that we are all in this together, and we are here for you. If there is ever anything we can do for you or your team, please do not hesitate to ask.

And if you are looking for resources to help ease the emotional burdens for you or others, these organizations can help.

- The Center for Anxiety and OCD -

- American Psychological Association -

- Anxiety and Depression Association of America -

Thank you for all that you do, as exceptional nonprofits, to help make the world a better place. It’s our honor and privilege to support you.