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May is National Mental Health Month and as the Great Resignation continues with more and more Americans transitioning out of unsatisfying work situations, we couldn’t help but think about how important a healthy work environment is to overall mental wellness.

According to the American Institute of Stress, 83% of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress. Nearly 20% reported having quit a previous job because of stress caused by that position, while nearly 25% said they had been driven to tears, and 34% had difficulty sleeping because of work. (

It shouldn’t be like that!! Given that we spend a third or more of each day working, we need workplaces that treat team members with respect and consideration, helping people achieve their potential and thrive, not just barely survive.

Life is overwhelming enough without a stressful workplace making it even harder. There are so many demands on our attention – jobs, kids, aging parents, spouses, financial security, physical health. Add to these the anxieties caused by the pandemic, rising inflation, the war in Ukraine, and countless other concerns it becomes a real challenge just to close your eyes at night.

We bring all this up not to amplify stress levels all over again but as a gentle reminder to be kind to one another, especially in the workplace. The right workplace can feel like a second home, where we engage in work that is satisfying, enriching, and worthwhile. At Fundriver, that has always been our guiding principle, to create a place where people know they are valued and appreciated. We are always aiming to put people first – it’s one of many reasons we’ve been a remote workplace from day one. Learn more about our culture and open positions here.

Work should be a positive, healthy part of life, not a source of dread or something to endure. Remote work, as millions of people have discovered, can give you the flexibility to have a life AND a career.  

And it’s not just good for staff... According to Forbes magazine, there are significant benefits for employers too, including increased productivity, better performance, stronger engagement, and yes, higher profitability. Most importantly, it has a positive effect on retention; more than 50% of employees surveyed said they would change jobs for one that offered more flexibility. (

So, this month and every month, let’s support one another in the work we do and give each other the very best chance possible to shine. We're in this together!