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It’s finally here!  Fiscal year end is upon many of our clients.  We here at Fundriver have been in your shoes and can totally relate to this intense time of year.  Whether you’re back in the office or still handling your audit remotely, we’ve got you covered!


First, get prepared.  Don’t forget, this whole remote audit thing is still new, just because you and your auditors did it last year, doesn’t mean anyone’s a pro.  Make sure to give yourself, your team, and your auditors a little extra grace this time of year.  Develop a reasonable timeline of tasks that need to be completed and assign responsibilities to the appropriate team member. Schedule a quick 15-20 minute meeting each week with your team to touch base on progress and stay well-informed of any delays while preparing for the audit.  This is a great opportunity to practice stress management, too! Having the auditors off-site enables you to keep your work processes consistent, take time for coffee, etc., without the pressure of an on-site team. Use these opportunities to make your audit time easier!  Check out all of our tips for getting prepared here.


Next, get through it.  Let’s do this!  We’ve got this whole remote work thing down to a science.  Let us help you get through audit season with ease.  Since Fundriver is cloud based, many of our clients give their auditors read only access to their data.  It’s easy and safe to get set up, and allows auditors to run their own reports!  Speaking of reports, we’ve got loads of them…  Check out a few of our ‘auditor favs’ here!


Seriously, we’ve got your back.  Fundriver is here to support your audit needs.  Auditors love asking about security and we love talking about it!  Get your auditors started here, and reach out to if you need anything else.  Our support team is here for you from 8am-8pm Eastern Time (5am-5pm Pacific Time).