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Fundriver technical information


  • FUNDRIVER is a web-based system
  • No additional hardware or software is necessary to use FUNDRIVER
  • FUNDRIVER works on most modern browsers but has been most extensively tested using Internet Explorer on a Windows-based system
  • Very little if any IT resources are needed to implement and use FUNDRIVER


  • The FUNDRIVER application and client data is hosted at a highly secure, SSAE16-audited facility, monitored 24/7*
  • FUNDRIVER is audited annually for SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance*
  • All FUNDRIVER sessions are conducted over encrypted TLS connections
  • Each client’s data is segregated in their own database
  • Along with a highly secure hosting facility, other security strategies include but are not limited to things such as multi-factor authentication, Intrusion Detection Monitoring and reviews and monitoring of FUNDRIVER login attempts
  • FUNDRIVER provides a far more secure environment than the spreadsheets currently used by many institutions to track endowment data

*Please note:  the SSAE16 and SOC reports are available to clients on request