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Summer weather isn’t the only thing coming in hot this month! Here are some helpful tips to stay cool in the heat of audit season.

  1. Get prepared - Effective planning can help your team stay on track and optimize productivity. Create realistic timelines and milestones for everyone involved. Give yourself, your team, and your auditors adequate opportunity to complete their tasks. Don’t forget to check in frequently to touch base on progress and calibrate your timeline to ensure everyone is on the same page as you move forward. 
  2. Manage a ton of funds easily - Let Bulk Import do the work for you! Bulk Import allows you to populate your data into a template and import all your funds at once, enabling you to perform mass imports of your edits and updates with just one click. For more info, check out our recorded webinar on all things Bulk Import.
  3. Access your tools from anywhere - even the beach! – Working remotely on the beach while your kids get sand in their ice cream? You can still access our cloud-based Balance (and Impact systems). Check out your data, reports, audit tools, etc. while in the office, at home, or anywhere else you find yourself this audit season.
  4. Make use of Fundriver resources to answer your questions – There’s nothing worse than trying to figure out where you’re going to get answers to those head-scratchers keeping you up at night. Want to know how to add or disable users? We’ve got that covered in these Knowledge Base articles. Need auditor-ready SOC reports? Just contact us at and we’ll send them over. We’ve even got data security covered on this page right here!
  5. But most importantly, just relax - Managing stress is vital during this busy time. Staying organized, taking breaks as needed, and getting adequate sleep can aid in easing the pressure during audit season. Most importantly, remember that our Support team is here to help with your audit season needs! Submit a support ticket or reach us by email at

Cheers to making your audit a breeze this year!