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Here at Fundriver we have three core values:

  1. Provide the highest level of customer support
  2. Be the best place to work (we love what we do!)
  3. Transparency; having open and honest communication with each other and with clients.

One of the ways we live #2 is to work remotely. But what is it really like to work for a virtual company? Yes, Fundriver is completely virtual with no home office!  I recently listened to a webinar that quoted statistics from the 2018 ConvergenceCoaching, LLC Anytime, Anywhere Work Survey and realized how many ways our virtual structure creates an ideal workplace.

Here’s a few aspects of being a great place to work that are aided by a virtual structure:

  • Work-life balance: Did you know 83% of survey respondents said flex time allowed them a better work/life balance? Coming from an in-office job, I can honestly say my work/life balance has greatly improved by working remotely. But don’t take my word, check out some of our previous blog posts by other Fundriver employees in our “A Day in the Life Of…” series here.
  • Employee morale and engagement: In addition to great work/life balance, 58% of those surveyed said remote access increased employee morale and overall engagement. You may wonder, how can individuals who do not work together in a physical space feel more engaged? I find that working in a virtual environment we touch on engagement and morale more frequently than when I worked in-office. Here at Fundriver we are intentional about taking the pulse of the team through weekly work load check-ins and anonymous TinyPulse surveys. These surveys are designed for us to be open about our thoughts and feelings on how the company is running. These frequent check-ins allow us to quickly detect and resolve issues with employee morale or engagement.
  • Trust and mutual respect: 56% of survey respondents said remote access created a culture of trust and mutual respect. Here at Fundriver we strive to be the best place to work. What that looks like to us is having a great work/life balance, autonomy, flexibility, trust and no micro-management. At Fundriver, we feel everyone is a good fit for our team and works well together. We support each other and have open communication with one another. Individually we respect each other and allow each other to work at their own pace.

This all sounds great, but I will say remote work may not be for everyone. Sometimes when I tell others about my job their eyes bulge out and they think I’m crazy. Don’t I get bored, lonely? The answer: no, never! Who is a good candidate for a remote job? Individuals may be a good fit if they are self-starters, self-motivated and independent. These individuals can work in isolation and meet deadlines. Individuals must also possess good communication skills. Moreover, you need a reliable work space conducive to work in and good internet connection! Remote working is great, and in fact when companies offer remote jobs they attract 8 times as many candidates as other non-remote companies. Are you ready to take the leap and work remotely 100% of the time?