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How is contacting a support team like calling for a tow?  Both are problems that are resolved quicker when enough information is provided at the start.  Imagine you’re calling a towing company after your car leaves you stranded:

“Hi, my car broke down.  How soon can you be here to tow my car?”

With just this information, you’ll be waiting awhile!  Adding a few details to the call will assist the tow truck in arriving faster. Think of providing “who, what, when, and why” any time you are asking for assistance.

“Hi, this is Michelle Watts.  My car, a black 2010 Ford Explorer, won’t start.  I’m at the Corner of 9th and Irene. Can you come tow my car?”

With these few added descriptive facts, the tow truck company can easily locate the car, and they know what type of car is having issues.  Let’s try a Fundriver issue as an example.

“I can’t get my funds to reconcile.  Is it because we made changes?”

Our team can resolve this faster with some extra information:

  • Who:   Fundriver University-Fund 7 database
  • When: Reconciling for December
  • What:  Fund 12345
  • Why:   We added a gift transaction and now I am off by $100

If these additional facts are included in the initial request, then our support team can immediately work on solving the problem.  Including this information, an email to our support team might look like:

“I’m working in Fundriver University-Fund 7 database.  I cannot get December reconciled.  The error is in fund 12345.  We added a gift transaction and I am now off by $100.”

Here are common types of support tickets we receive and additional information that expedites resolution:

  • Fund Questions: Client/Database Name, Fund Number/Name, Date/Time Period (if applicable)
  • Report questions: Report Name, Period for which report was ran, Browser (if issues viewing)
  • User Access Questions: Client/Database Name
  • Investment Manager Module Questions: Client/Database Name, Manager Name/Number

Providing enough information is always helpful, whether you need a tow or need Fundriver support.  The more details initially provided, the easier a problem is to solve.  We’re committed to resolving your issues as quickly as possible, and always appreciate your help as we do so!