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The Fundriver Team is starting a blog! We’re really excited about this new opportunity to share our over 250 years of combined accounting/finance knowledge with you.

Originally developed in 2002, Fundriver has been available to non-profits everywhere as a web-based offering since March 2006. To date, our team services over 400 clients! We sincerely feel that what we do is different from any other company. How is what we do different? Because Fundriver is the BEST place to work!

How do we do this? Each of us is fully vested in our core values:

  1. Provide the highest level of client support
  2. Strive to be the best place to work
  3. Display transparency with each other and with our clients

Happy Employees = Happy Clients

Here’s a snapshot introduction:

Five Facts about Fundriver
  1. Our team has a combined 105 years’ experience in endowment accounting
  2. Our team has an average of 5 years at Fundriver
  3. We service clients in all 50 US states and 3 different countries
  4. Our client base ranges from private independent schools (14%), to higher education (65%), to religious organizations (6%), to healthcare foundations and organizations (5%), even museums and cultural organizations (6%), and the remaining 4% include other nonprofit organizations
  5. We all work remotely! Our team is located in 15 different states and 2 different countries – ranging from Oregon to Maine to Florida, and even South America!

Follow this blog to find out more about endowment accounting, our team, our corporate culture, and how Fundriver can help you!