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The Happiest Series | Part II of III

Soliciting help 


What did we need to do, as a company, to be able to take care of ourselves so that we could be there for our clients, who were struggling with this new world too?  Read more about part I of this series here!


A couple of software tools played critical roles in our ability to navigate the pandemic as a company. The first was something we implemented later in 2020, primarily to track our companies OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), called 15Five. In addition to managing goals 15Five, provides the space to have open and honest dialogues between managers and employees by sending out an automated weekly check in. That check helps us identify when things are going off the rails so we can start talking about it right away—no surprises, no feelings left to fester. Of course this only works if people are open, honest, and willing to share. And let’s be real here, there are times when there isn’t enough in the trust bank to be that vulnerable, even between managers and employees who are typically close.  


That is why the second tool, TinyPulse, has been key. TinyPulse is an anonymous engagement survey that is just one question, pushed out weekly, measuring engagement on categories such as Inspirational Leadership, Job Embeddedness, Overall Happiness, Health and Wellness, and several others. Fundriver is strategic in the questions we pulse, making sure to time relevant questions around big meetings, project launches, announcements, and other things going on in the company. We do that because we want real, honest, timely, actionable feedback about things that are actually happening RIGHT NOW. Sometimes that kind of feedback is much easier to share anonymously, and since the platform provides a mechanism for engaging with the person who provided the initial comment, you can actually dig into the nitty gritty details to try to gain a better understanding of why the person answered the way they did (and what kind of outcome are the looking for). 


This year especially, TinyPulse has helped us shape our pandemic response. And the feedback we gathered was certainly not always positive. But it was feedback that helped us learn about where people’s pain points are, what they expect from leadership, what is important to them moving forward, and how Fundriver can help every step of the way.


Follow us for the final part of this series where we share more about our lessons from 2020!