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The Happiest Series | Final Part

It’s not about the award 


This year especially, TinyPulse has helped us shape our pandemic response. And the feedback we gathered was certainly not always positive. But it was feedback that helped us learn about where people’s pain points are, what they expect from leadership, what is important to them moving forward, and how Fundriver can help every step of the way.  Read more about part II of this series here!


A few weeks ago, our account rep at TinyPulse reached out to let us know that we had won the 2020 TINYaward for the ‘highest average happiness scores in the software industry.’  We were honestly surprised, because 2020 found us juggling, not just the pandemic, but company growth, a new product, and pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones in a lot of different ways. We were struggling with communication patterns (too much, too little, not the right kind), burnout, and change fatigue. We had won the same award in 2018, and to us, the comparison between the years was striking.  


As we reflected on the award we felt a sense of accomplishment.  Not because we were the ‘happiest’ according to some survey (because anyone can provide a positive rating, even if it isn’t the truth), but because of our commitment (leadership and employee alike) to this tool and to making the exercise of our one-question Wednesday survey mean something. For letting the surveys (and the employees behind them) initiate conversations and help shape the operations of our company, even if it isn’t always comfortable.   


Don’t get us wrong, we are proudly posting the ‘Happiest’ award badge on our website. But to be the ‘Happiest’ in a year like 2020; we’ll take it


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