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We all know the tension in our neck and back from sitting at a desk all day. You walk around but wish you could take a break from the day to let the tension of work and life go. Fortunately, at Fundriver we can choose to participate in Yoga classes three times a week.

Fundriver employees recently completed a survey about what types of “other” benefits they would like or what was important to them. One of the top votes was for new health initiatives.

Our fully-remote team is fortunate to have our own Yogi, Cosley. Three times a week she leads a 30-45 minute Yoga class. We join via web meeting and “get our flow on” as a team. Some people share screens for form tips, and others watch without sharing a screen. All from the comfort of our home office or living room.

We spend the time letting the stresses of life melt away as we morph our bodies into “pigeon”, “down-dog”, and “mountain” together. Sometimes we have our cats and dogs join in the yoga too.

Yoga goes along with our work-life balance philosophy at Fundriver. Take time for yourself during the day! It’s a great chance to re-focus and let the tensions of life melt away.