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This is our first “Pets of Fundriver” post – stay tuned to meet the rest of our pets!

Hi!  My name is Daphne. My mom’s name is Jenn Barker.

I’m glad my mom works from home. When I first came to live with my forever family 5 years ago, my people had to leave me to go to work, and I had to be locked in my kennel.  They tried to leave me out on 2 different occasions, but the first, I chewed the front door knob and scratched/dug at the trim around that door.  The second time, I accidentally got stuck in my brother’s bedroom.  I panicked and messed everywhere, walked in it, walked around the room, on the bed and even got it on the curtains.  I’m pretty talented!  I also chewed up that door handle and ruined the trim to that door as well.  When my mom got home and saw that mess, she cried.  After that, I was no longer free to roam the house.

One day though, not long after, my mom started staying home with me!  She’d go to one room in the house and sit there all day.  I was thrilled!  She put a bed in there for me and I just slept, my favorite thing to do.  On sunny days, she’d leave the front and back doors open, and I was free to go lay in the sun, another favorite thing.

A few more things to note about me:

  • I can’t swim…I sink. I’ve had to be rescued on more than one occasion when I fell into the lake.
  • I hate being cold…the warmer the better. I even have my own blankets on my mom and dad’s bed.
  • I have seizures, but they are controlled by 3 different medications.  Another bonus to my mom being home is I get my medications on time.