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If you have been following our blog, you’re likely familiar with aspects of our company culture and have seen our core values:

#1. Wellbeing Of Our People : Collaboration + Flexibility

#2. Transparency : Integrity + Trust

#3. Exceptional User Experience : Expertise + Respect


These played a huge role in my decision to apply at Fundriver. It has always been important for my work to be in alignment with my values, which is why I spent most of my accounting career in the nonprofit world. In fact, many times when I decided to leave a job it was because something had changed that had begun to conflict with one or more of my values. (I had an epiphany several years ago about what a privilege it was for me to have always had the choice to leave; I recognize that many people do not have that leisure.)


At Fundriver, I can see how these values serve as a compass for our company policies and practices. The leadership team is intentional about modeling our values and making decisions that both promote and support them, and this makes it easy for all our team members to do the same. Also, because each value reinforces the other, it creates a “virtuous cycle” (which, thanks to Google, I learned is the opposite of “vicious cycle”). The result is that our values are truly embedded into our company culture.


So, why is this important? We recognize that working with our software is only a fraction of the responsibilities for most of our users. If clients can expect honest, friendly, helpful service from every team member they interact with, the Fundriver part of their jobs will remain pleasant (or at least uneventful) and won’t interfere with everything else they have to do.


It is also important because it creates a work environment that facilitates authenticity. Follow us for part 2 of this post where I describe the many benefits of authenticity in the workplace and how it relates to our client experience.