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The Happiest Series | Part I of III

Communication and remote work


2020 was the year that the world learned how to work remotely. Coming up with policies and procedures on the fly, (re)learning how to communicate with each other, not to mention Zooming daily/hourly with coworkers and clients instead of on the rare occasion.

Fundriver has always been a remote company (see what working at Fundriver is all about here), so learning how to work from home was thankfully NOT one of the challenges we had to face during the Coronavirus pandemic. Even though we were used to it and have built our infrastructure and core values to support remote work, we learned A LOT this past year.  The importance of communication, checking in, and transparency only heightened during the pandemic.


Our people were dealing with so much at work, where all of our efforts were being poured into a launching a new software product (our first since the initial launch of our Fundriver endowment accounting software), and at home where we were being asked to fill ALL of the roles (teacher, day care provider, physical therapist, and so much moreā€¦), that our check ins had to be about more than workload and goal setting. What did we need to do, as a company, to be able to take care of ourselves so that we could be there for our clients, who were struggling with this new world too?


Follow us for Part II of this series where we share our struggles, victories, and lessons from 2020!