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Written by one of our newer team members; Tracy Gust, Endowment Accounting Specialist.


We recognize that working with our software is only a fraction of the responsibilities for most of our users…  Read more about Part I of this series here!


As I try to explain to my friends and family why I love working for Fundriver, the phrase that seems to best capture my sentiment is this: “I am able to be my authentic self.”  Because of the positive, supportive environment, I can ask questions without feeling like I am bothering someone; I can admit mistakes without feeling like I will be judged; and I can offer suggestions without worrying that others will think I am overstepping.  In a nutshell, I don’t feel like I need to have my guard up.


Fundriver’s culture is built around the understanding that every team member is a whole person.  We have interests, activities, and a life outside of work.  This is another compass that guides our policies and practices, including our communication tools.  Through weekly GIF check-ins and occasional “water cooler posts”, we have opportunities to share different aspects of ourselves with our team members.  We don’t have to segment our lives and, as a result, we develop more authentic working relationships with each other.  These relationships promote collaboration and allow us to better serve our clients.


Fundriver empowers each team member to make decisions.  Why is this important?  When you need our assistance, we are encouraged to use our judgement.  We have been in your shoes and, staying true to our core values, we want to provide you with an excellent client experience.  We can ask for guidance when we need it, but we don’t have to follow impersonal protocols, adhere to rigid time limits, nor jump through unnecessary hoops to help you.  We know how frustrating that can be for you and that is not how we do things.


Authenticity is the Fundriver Way.  A recent report by The Institute for Inclusive Leadership outlines the many reasons why workplace authenticity is important including increased confidence, happiness, and job satisfaction as well as people feeling more engaged, inspired, and fulfilled.  Ultimately this leads to a more committed, effective, and productive team and, again, a better client experience.  See how our support sets us apart in these testimonials.