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Megan Page

Special Projects Advisor
Megan Page

Megan joined Fundriver in 2016 and has a dual-function role: keeping track of all special projects/billable work, and creating custom reports for clients.

The most satisfying part of my job is exceeding clients’ expectations by creating a report that is exactly what they hoped for, ahead of schedule if possible, with a cheerful, positive attitude.

Megan has a bachelor’s degree in psychology (which can be helpful in any line of work!) and spent nearly 15 years working as an office manager and bookkeeper for her dad’s landscape architecture company. While not formally trained in accounting, Megan’s background makes her comfortable in the field. Prior to starting with Fundriver, she also worked at a small financial software company. Here she wore many hats, including quality assurance, help desk, report writing and software implementations.

Megan grew up an only child in Michigan, and while she has lived in the Detroit area her whole life, she was fortunate to spend a lot of her twenties traveling the world. She hiked a mountain in Antarctica, went on safari in Africa, and walked on the Great Wall of China, among other adventures. While she enjoyed her travels, visiting other countries made her appreciate living in America that much more.

Megan and her husband enjoy a simple suburban life with their son and daughter. Her hobbies include genealogy (she’s researched her family back in the 13th century!), occasional travel, and enjoying life with her family. Future plans include adopting a few dogs – she’s had dogs her whole life. It is just a matter of convincing the kids they’ll need to help take care of them!