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Lisa Clark

Assistant Director of Client Engagement
New York
Lisa Clark

Lisa joined Fundriver in 2016, stepping into her current role as Assistant Director of Client Engagement in August 2019. Her primary function is client outreach – ensuring clients are having an awesome Fundriver experience. Her goal is to ensure that clients always feel comfortable using the Fundriver platform. She achieves this by proactively asking how Fundriver can help and offering solutions or training opportunities to fit a client’s unique needs. She also demonstrates additional Fundriver products that may be beneficial for the client’s process.

Lisa loves what she does at Fundriver – just ask her! Her favorite parts of the job include getting to know clients, providing top-notch service and giving clients the tools they need in order to make them more efficient.

Lisa worked in banking, and then for a CPA firm for a total of 25 years before transitioning to working in Higher Education, handling the Endowment and Trust accounting for the University. She then joined Fundriver in 2016.

Fundriver is the best career decision I’ve ever made! My prior experiences have all transformed me to the person I am today. Fundriver allows me to continue to grow professionally, while providing me with the flexibility to live my best life.

Lisa grew up in Western New York, attended the University of Alabama, receiving both her Bachelor and Master’s degrees. She enjoys traveling across the United States and abroad, as well as gardening, golfing, and skydiving (Yes, skydiving!).

She is inspired by people who show kindness in times of adversity. She has two simple things that speak to her on a daily basis: a sticky note on the bathroom mirror that just says “LIVE,” and a sticky note on her computer with a smiley face. Even when staring at a computer all day, the simple act of a smile on your face makes a huge difference in your day!