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Kala Zornow, CMA

Client Onboarding Advisor
Kala Zornow, CMA

Kala has been with Fundriver since 2018. She loves the variety of clients that she gets to interact with on a daily basis. Being a task-oriented person, she loves the opportunity to bring clients to the finish-line with implementation in her role.

I find it extremely rewarding to guide clients into the Fundriver software and come up with techniques to make their jobs managing endowments more efficient.

Kala was born in Illinois and grew up in Wisconsin. She attended University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Lakeland College. She originally studied Architecture, but recognized she was just too much of a math nerd and switched majors to Accounting and Finance. Prior to Fundriver, she worked as an Accounting Manager at a private university where she first started working in the field of Endowments.

Kala and her husband have two children (a son and a daughter). She and her husband own several rental properties and love spending time working on renovation projects around their home and properties. She volunteers her time serving as Treasurer for one of the condominium rentals that she owns. Summer is her favorite season, especially when she can go boating and tubing.