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James Stockton

.NET Developer
James Stockton

Since joining Fundriver in 2019, James has been responsible for continuing development and supporting all Fundriver software such as GO, the Department Module, Admin Tool and the Donor Engagement module. He assists clients when technical support issues escalate to the Product Development Team.


James has been developing Financial/Accounting software since 2017. After taking a computer programming class in high school and finding it very interesting, James decided to pursue a Computer Science degree. He is grateful for where it led him as he loves what he does at Fundriver. It has allowed him to focus on the things he really enjoys - coding and the satisfaction that comes with problem solving.

He loves Fundriver because it provides him with a great environment - he is treated like an adult, a human and a professional. Fundriver allows him to become a healthy human and developer.

Fundriver’s culture is an open, people first culture that promotes growth and self-care.

James grew up in Ohio with his younger sister. He enjoys several activities and hobbies outside of work including gaming, drawing, and hiking with close friends. He can be found reading historical nonfiction and is inspired by his varying interests.