Web-Based Technology

FUNDRIVER, a web-based system for automating the administration of pooled endowment funds, unitizes endowments and simplifies reporting and sharing information about endowment funds. Designed for nonprofit organizations and funds of any size, FUNDRIVER accommodates most circumstances, with no need for customization.

Because there are no servers or desktop applications to install, FUNDRIVER is easy to implement and does not require any resources from an IT department. Our technology makes it easy to share information because access can be given to anyone by creating an account, assigning an access level and giving them the web address. Users can deliver real-time information to donors and other constituents, eliminating the cost and delay of mailings. And there is no limit to the number of users.


Fundriver software supports success. It’s powerful and easy to operate, and capable of handling large complicated endowment funds. Numerous and time-consuming Excel reports are now produced by Fundriver software with a push of button.

Functionality & Ease of Use

FUNDRIVER brings accuracy and simplicity to endowment administration, facilitating such factors as systems interface, report exporting formats, audit trails, FAS 117-1 reports and much more.