The FUNDRIVER team works closely with clients to ensure a smooth transition from your spreadsheets or legacy system. Our patented conversion process can have you running in as little as three to five days. Training performed via desktop-sharing sessions is included in the setup cost.

Because FUNDRIVER is designed to be simple and intuitive, most users quickly feel comfortable on their own.

In most cases, clients use the audited results from the prior fiscally year end as the starting point for the system. At the close of the current fiscal year, you will have a full year summary report you can provide for your audit.

Our work with you does not end after the setup process is completed.   Software updates and ongoing support is included at no additional cost.


Fundriver software supports success. It’s powerful and easy to operate, and capable of handling large complicated endowment funds. Numerous and time-consuming Excel reports are now produced by Fundriver software with a push of button.

Functionality & Ease of Use

FUNDRIVER brings accuracy and simplicity to endowment administration, facilitating such factors as systems interface, report exporting formats, audit trails, FAS 117-1 reports and much more.