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I have said it before, Fundriver continues to be an elegantly designed program that functions beautifully. I appreciate all the good work you and your team are doing to support the essential job of fund accounting. Each day I’m addressing questions regarding our Endowment/Portfolio. A donor, development officer, President, Finance Committee Chair, or the Investment Committee are asking questions of the same data but from a different perspective. With Fundriver, the answers are at my fingertips and immediate. There is no other software for fund accounting that can match Fundriver for its comprehensiveness and ease of use.

-Carl J. Young, Director of Finance, Chewonki Foundation


Fundriver has streamlined our monthly unitization process and reduced errors.  The Fundriver team is very knowledgeable and does a great job working through a scenario with us to make sure they really understand our needs before deploying a solution.  Gone are the days of a 1000 row spreadsheet! 

-Kierstin Sykes, Controller, UC San Diego Foundation


I am new to MU. At my prior company I led my team through system installations and system upgrades for several departments. I am astonished at your level of service and promptness to ensuring things are completed. You could really help a lot of different companies out there on the level of service. Kudos to making this a priority!

-Cheree Baxley, University of Missouri System


Fundriver has simplified and streamlined our endowment record keeping and reporting.  The customer support is outstanding. We wholeheartedly recommend Fundriver for your endowment management.

-Diane McGrath, Greens Farms Academy


We implemented Fundriver about 18 months ago.  The implementation team was exceptional and assisted us every step of the way.  The Fundriver process works flawlessly, is easy to use, and produces a number of reports.  We also have the ability to create our own reports.  The whole company has been very responsive to every question and request we have had.  I highly recommend Fundriver as a tool to manage endowment reporting.  Thank You for all the Fundriver team does to help us.

-Rob Houdek, University South Dakota Foundation


The program is great.   It has reduced the endowments workflow from 6 to 2 days.  Fundriver is user-friendly.  The support team is excellent.  They always answer your questions and help you to understand the system.  Amy Cotterell has provided excellent customer service to the College during the implementation process.

-Claudia Naranjo, Senior Accountant, Rollins College


We implemented Fundriver 4 years ago and it has greatly improved our donor reporting. More importantly it has helped us to identify areas where we can improve our financial reporting as well.

Ken Stupi, VP of Finance & Administration, St. Ignatius College Preparatory


I am very satisfied with Fundriver and would highly recommend it.  It is easy to set up and easy to use.  Also, customer service is outstanding.  If I have a question, I send an email and receive a reply within minutes.

– Diana Morales, Controller, Ransom Everglades School


Our experience with Fundriver has been a very delighted one. Usually when dealing with a 3rd party vendor you hear all types of horrible experiences. However, with Fundriver we only have experienced the opposite. The support team along with our direct contacts have been amazing, they really help us out with our updates and issues. We always have confidence that when sending an email, the response back will be prompt. All in all, our team in investments here at Baylor are happy working with Fundriver.

-Jonathan Tomby, Baylor College of Medicine


We are finished with our implementation and we can tell you what a great experience it has been. Both Jennifer and Jen were a huge help. They clearly know their business and the product. They were responsive, helpful, and things were turned around quickly and accurately every time. Your product markets itself. I’ve been in the higher education field for many years and am thrilled there is a product available that meets our needs.

– Laura Whitney, Controller, University of Hartford


Fundriver has significantly improved our ability to process and manage our Endowment. It is such a time-saving tool for investment statement reconciliation and unitization processing. It is incredibly adaptable and user-friendly. A highly recommended product.

– Cindy Mahoney, George School


Fundriver is flexible, easy to use, secure, robust, and the customer support is great.  I’m so happy to have our endowment record keeping off Excel and in Fundriver.

– Jim Poulsen, Director of Finance and Operations, The Thacher School


Fundriver is a great software!  We at The Lovett School have really enjoyed the ease of navigation and reporting functions, in addition to the training and support from the Fundriver team.  Our unitization procedures as well as our endowment spending calculations are MUCH easier to perform in Fundriver.  We highly recommend this product to any other K-12 school!

– Mona Dodia, Assistant Controller, The Lovett School


We are very satisfied with Fundriver.  It is very easy to use.  We can now easily run with a click of a button reports that would previously take a long time to create.  Since Fundriver is compatible with Excel, we can import entries into Fundriver by just copying and pasting.  We can also easily export reports into Excel or other software.  The time we spend maintaining our endowments has been cut significantly with Fundriver. Additionally, the conversion to Fundriver was very smooth and our auditors have no issues utilizing the reports.

– Azmin Vargas, Senior Accountant, Trinity University


Fundriver is an exceptional product that makes our endowment pool easy to maintain and update, reducing time spent in spreadsheets and reducing potential errors. The export feature allows us to quickly update our general ledger in a very simple manner. Our endowment payout calculation is cumbersome and complicated including 60 months of market values; Fundriver worked with us to program this calculation into the database resulting in a report that instantly updates endowment payouts monthly. Departments are given access to run reports so that they can look up their endowment values and payouts without asking for help. The outstanding level of customer service we received from Fundriver on day one continues today several years later. I can no longer imagine maintaining an endowment pool without Fundriver and I always recommend Fundriver to colleagues at other Universities.

– Amy Seropian, Accounting Manager, UC Davis Foundation


Awesome software!!! Wheaton College in Illinois uses Fundriver to track over 1000 endowment funds. Fundriver allows us to unitize the endowment funds and to distribute endowment spending allocations monthly. It’s easy to import and export data to Fundriver. Fundriver comes with several standard reports but also allows you to design your own customized reports. One can easily keep track of historical gift amounts and to see when the market value of the funds drop below the original gift basis (under water reporting). Fundriver can handle the merger of funds, along with the required internal and external transfers with no difficulty. Their excellent customer service and technical support is such a blessing. I would not hesitate to recommend this software to other users.

– George Thekkanal, Assistant Director – Accounting Department, Wheaton College


Fundriver has enabled our University to significantly improve the way we unitize and report on our endowment.  Our unitization process is considerably faster and more efficient, and the Fundriver reports are used widely across campus thereby increasing endowment communication and transparency.  It has proven to be an excellent tool for our University in so many ways.

– Caroline Wilhelm, Treasurer, Loyola Marymount University


Fundriver has been a great software for USF in managing and accounting for our endowment.  It provides timely information, accurate reporting and is very easy to use.  I have recommended it to multiple other schools looking for an endowment management solution.  In addition to being a strong product, the customer support has always been superb.  Any time I have had a question or concern, I was able to speak to a customer service representative right away who was knowledgeable and helpful.  It is a good solution and it has made our processes more efficient.

– Frank M. Wasilewski, Associate Vice President for Accounting & Business Services, University of San Francisco


I am very satisfied with Fundriver software.  It is powerful and easy to operate.  The software is capable of handling our large and complicated endowment without trouble.  Our numerous and time-consuming Excel reports are now produced by Fundriver Online at a push of a button. Fundriver’s customer support is excellent.  The staff are knowledgeable and respond to my questions and concerns without delays. Overall, I am very happy with Fundriver and I would recommend this software to any university.

– Natalia Panteleyeva, Associate Director – Endowments, Emory University


We are very pleased with the Fundriver product – it has simplified our lives and given us timely, accurate data.

– Kathy Burkley, Financial Reporting, North Carolina A&T State University


Springfield College’s endowment funds were tracked through interlocking Excel spreadsheets for many years.  As the endowment investments and individual funds increased, it became more timely and difficult to accurately track endowment funds.  Problems encountered due to Excel upgrades and spreadsheet modifications often required many hours to find and resolve. We began using Fundriver software to manage our endowment in July 2008.  This program has saved numerous work hours and costly errors.  Information from our existing spreadsheets can be easily imported into Fundriver and information from Fundriver can be quickly exported to our general ledger or to an Excel spreadsheet.  Quarterly endowment allocations are now quick and unproblematic.  Various monthly and quarterly endowment reports can now be immediately prepared, and year-end reports for our external audit are fast and accurate. Fundriver representatives provide excellent customer service.  Aaron Dotson provided superb assistance to make the initial set up quick and easy.  Technical support continues to be readily available whenever revisions are necessary, and Fundriver personnel are always a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Fundriver software as a management tool for processing and accounting for endowment funds.

– Debra Rollend, Assistant Director of Accounting, Springfield College


Thank you for the excellent service as always.  And I have to say once again that Fundriver is an excellent product!  In addition to the change you just made for me, I also updated an investment balance from an estimated amount to the actual amount for June 30 since the statement just arrived today and am able to reprint all the reports and everything still reconciles, the reports export and print flawlessly, and the auditors have just what they need.   This type of thing would go on for days in the old software, and my stress level would be way up.  Thanks.

– Mary Simpson, Controller, Brewster Academy