Our Culture

Our Culture

Happy Employees = Happy Clients

Fundriver has become the market leader by prioritizing our employees and making Fundriver the best place to work.

Because we care about our employee experience, you will not get a better client experience from any other software vendor.

We mean it.

Our Core Values

Wellbeing Of Our People : Collaboration + Flexibility

We are fiercely committed to the well-being of our people. We believe creating a happy and healthy culture built on flexibility and collaboration, accountability and respect.

When our people thrive, our clients thrive too.

Transparency : Integrity + Trust

Our business is only as successful as our relationships are. And we believe relationships are built on trust, forged through consistency and transparency.

We will never sacrifice our integrity.

Exceptional User Experience : Expertise + Respect

We believe an exceptional user experience requires just the right combination of expertise and respect to seamlessly meet our clients’ needs.

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients every day.