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Our mission is to help the non-profit community administer endowment funds in a more efficient, timely and automated way.

The original application was developed as a project for a university to provide a system to track its endowment subaccounts and provide better, faster reporting. It soon became apparent that there was a market for this software and FUNDRIVER was born.

The first commercial release of FUNDRIVER was in 2002 as a client server application. Based on customer demand, web-based FUNDRIVER was developed and released in March 2006. Fundriver was created so that customers could implement the software in the most cost effective, quick and efficient way possible and so the system could be easily maintained.

Clients range from about $1 million to over $20 billion in assets and from 12 to over 16,000 sub accounts. FUNDRIVER works no matter the size of the institution.

Our client base includes many of the leading organizations in the non-profit community. It is comprised of approximately 70% Higher Education, 15% Arts and Cultural Related and 15% other types, including independent schools, humanitarian, community, healthcare and religious entities.

Fundriver provides to our clients an implementation process that is both timely and effective. A client’s data can be loaded into the software and viewed by the client within three to five days.

FUNDRIVER, Inc. is committed to continual product improvements to simplify and automate endowment administration for the non-profit community.

By listening to the needs and suggestions of clients we are able to provide a dynamic product for endowment management.

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Fundriver software supports success. It’s powerful and easy to operate, and capable of handling large complicated endowment funds. Numerous and time-consuming Excel reports are now produced by Fundriver software with a push of button.

Functionality & Ease of Use

FUNDRIVER brings accuracy and simplicity to endowment administration, facilitating such factors as systems interface, report exporting formats, audit trails, FAS 117-1 reports and much more.