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Happy Employees = Happy Clients

FUNDRIVER has become the market leader by prioritizing our employees and making FUNDRIVER the best place to work. Because we care about our employee experience, you will not get a better client experience from any other software vendor. We mean it.

FUNDRIVER helps non-profit organizations fulfill their mission and promote effective stewardship by simplifying the process of managing endowment funds.  FUNDRIVER replaces spreadsheets, which not only saves time but reduces errors, simplifies the audit and automates reporting as well.

Our Core Values:

  1. Provide the highest level of client support
  2. Be a best place to work
  3. Display transparency with each other and with our clients

Our History:

The original FUNDRIVER application was developed as a project for a university to provide a system to track its endowment subaccounts and provide better, faster reporting. It soon became apparent that there was a market for this software and FUNDRIVER was born.

In 2002, the first version of FUNDRIVER was launched as a client server application. Based on client demand, web-based FUNDRIVER was developed and released in March 2006.

Since then, our client base has grown to over 400 clients in the US and internationally.