FUNDRIVER brings accuracy, simplicity and security to the management of endowed and other pooled investment funds by automating tracking and reporting, no matter how many funds or accounts. Created for nonprofits of all sizes in higher education, the arts, health care, community and human services, FUNDRIVER is web-based. No additional hardware or software is required, so that makes it a lower-cost option as well as a simple and intuitive one to use.

Organizations choose FUNDRIVER for its flexibility, ease of use and the many benefits it brings to endowment administration, including:

  1. Improved endowment stewardship and compliance with UPMIFA
  2. A manageable process resulting in a reduction of costly errors
  3. Improved audit experience
  4. Time saved preparing reports
  5. Easy and accurate administration of spending rules
  6. No IT resources needed to implement or maintain the system


Fundriver software supports success. It’s powerful and easy to operate, and capable of handling large complicated endowment funds. Numerous and time-consuming Excel reports are now produced by Fundriver software with a push of button.

Functionality & Ease of Use

FUNDRIVER brings accuracy and simplicity to endowment administration, facilitating such factors as systems interface, report exporting formats, audit trails, FAS 117-1 reports and much more.

Technical Support

FUNDRIVER is a web-based system, so set up is quick and easy and the software is always up to date. Expert guidance is provided during the set up process and outstanding support continues after the setup is complete.